a Sunday update

Happy Monday my lovelies:D

How was your Sunday?? As I promised to myself, I finally had a relaxing Sunday {although I had another order coming in for a baby's first book, which will travel to France!!! so this one will be in French!!!woot!!!woot!!!}.
Anyways, we went downtown yesterday morning with Mr. H. at the flea market to shop around some bike supplies and stuff, and of course we stopped for a quick coffee at my favorite place Bartessera. 

What you actually see in this pic is part of the cafe bar and of course my new bag from Bonnie (:D) which arrived a few days ago, but I couldn't get a decent pic of it with all this work work work!!! Isn't it lovely? 
While drinking coffee, I read on the newspaper that our city center has a new building artwork installation which was not too far from where we were!!! Mr. H. was as curious as I was... so we went to take a look!!! It really blew my mind... was beyond my expectations... I mean I've seen pictures on the newspaper, but it's a different feeling from a close up!!!

Some info on this installation:
The concept of this artwork was from an Art student, and has the "blessings" of the city council.  It's inspired by a 1506 piece of a German painter Albrecht Durer "Praying Hands". The student deliberately changed the directions of the hands, pointing down instead of actually praying, cause he wanted to emphasize on the whole abandoned city center matter and maybe give out a message that even God has abandoned us.... too true if you ask my opinion.  Amazing isn't it?? 

Though I just wanted to slack all day, by the evening I found myself cutting again for the new bébé book!!! It was great while it lasted!!! We finally had some time to ourselves Mr. H. and I:D

Well, I'm off to work now, I'm wishing all of you a great/creative week:D

till later....


  1. The bag seems beautiful, but I surely would like to see a better foto of it! I'm curious!

  2. The bag looks great, the artwork is very interesting. Makes you think. As all good artwork should do (at least I think so). Hope you have a less stressful week :)

  3. I covet your life. I've sewn up a few of those 241 bags lately and they are wonderful...I hope you're enjoying yours!


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