Somewhere over the rainbow..... {wip}

Happy Monday everyone:D

We were so lucky yesterday, we saw our first rainbow for this Fall!!! It started pouring, right after coming home from a custom order delivery, and when it stopped , a nice great rainbow appeared!!! Don't you love rainbows?? Isn't it one of the most magical things??!! Ohhh!! how I wish I was somewhere in the country, and not in the city centre... to capture this moment...

Anyways, remember I told you all about my big sewing plans for the previous week?? Well, I really  think that I shouldn't post about week's sewing plans.!!! Every time I do it, something new, a new custom order pops up!!! I did though managed to make something from my week's schedule!!! 
So, first of all I had an order from a friend of this blog (:D) for a baby set (bib/burp cloth). I had asked Chryssa, if she could give me any hints on the parent's style. She told me that they both love Japan, and that they're not so "conventional".  Although I had fabric to prepare the baby set...the word Japan was stuck in my head.!!! While browsing through etsy shops for fabric I came upon this, and I fell in love!!!  So, yesterday evening I managed to deliver her order!!! For the burp cloth, I found a great tutorial here.

Isn't it the cutest ever!!!?? I just love stripes, don't you?? 

I managed also to make some progress with Love's quilt.  Although, I still lack a set of blues, I've started cutting away... 

This is gonna be one happy polka dot Frosty Quilt!!!!

On another note, on Saturday we went downtown with Mr. H's sister to find fabric for a fabric photo album I have to prepare this week. It's for a wedding this time, and here's part of the wedding favor they gave to the guests.

I'm so stuck with this album.  Although, I found fabrics like the two ribbons, blue and lime green, I still have no idea how to pull this one through!! I was thinking of a quilted fabric sleeve, with a nice applique of the little boy and girl, maybe??? What do you guys think? 

Of course I spent more than I originally expected... cause I found some cute striped fabrics for something Mr. H's sister and I have been working on!! (I can't tell you just yet... it's gonna be a surprise...). And also I got some great wool felt sheets, cause I wanted to try and make brooches... here's my first attempt... so with no further ado... please meet Miss Foxie... on my jacket!!! 

And last but not least, an old colleague from work (she doesn't work with us any more...lucky girl..hehehe) has discovered my handmade world.. and she's thrilled!!! She asked me for a few things...but I can't post pics of them just yet.. I'll spoil the surprise.. the only thing I can share with you is the front and back cover of the baby fabric book she wanted..

my first book
from your cousin with love

I forgot to mention that my friend is French...and that this little cutie is gonna travel all the way to France!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!! Bursting with joy to tell you the truth!!

So this is what I've been making the previous week... (not so productive if you ask me)....

What have you been up to this week???? 


  1. Not much for me... every time I make plans something happens and I get maybe a third of the way through. One day I will learn to stop planning so much :)

  2. Hello Eleni I like your blog and the items you have made ,they are all so pretty, are you going to the exhibition that is put on by ? It should be a fun place .theodora


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