À Paris......{A week of making}

hello hello :)

Today I've been feeling like a Parisian..I'm all day singing in my head a song called À Paris. I don't know if you've heard of it, but I posted a link if you'd like to listen to it!!! But there's a reason for this!!! Today I met my French friend who will be returning to France in the next month!!! I'm so happy and excited for her!!! I'm absolutely certain that everything will work out in the end!!!
And of course I'm also happy cause now I can share with you my makings for her:D 

She had asked for a baby fabric book, and I made her also a "matching" quilted bib for the little girl.  I just find this stripped red fabric so "Frenchy", don't you? 

I've also finally dared to make yo yo flowers!! I can't understand why I didn't for so long!! They are SO EASY to make and so cute!!!

She also had asked me for a quilted head scarf!!! Which I forgot to take a picture!! How silly of me!! At least I can tell you one thing!! it fitted very well, and that she loved it!! And last but not least, she had asked me for a coaster set, in neutral pale colors!! 

I've also made for her, her first Christmas ornament {for her new home in France}, and the first ornament in general for this year!!! Lovely, isn't it? 

Now on, to this week's makings!!! Remember I told you that I had a super express delivery for a baby fabric book for a boy!! I found it harder to find themes for the boyish book, but I think I managed at the end!! This little book will fly this week to Cyprus!! I can't wait for the feed back:D 

I've also finished the fabric photo album sleeve for the wedding my cousin had photographed.  I'm pretty much happy with the result, although I'm not so sure about the colors. But they did match the wedding favor they had given me!!

I've added two bright red felt hearts to the little couple and it kind of broke all this blue and green!! It's just a darling applique, don't you agree?

And now something really new for me!!! I finally dared to sew an apparel!!! A pinafore dress for a girl!! Fish Chris helped me with the pattern. We found this tutorial, but we did make a lot of changes to the original pattern. 

And so today morning we came from this...

to this...

One very important thing I learned though, and I really want to share with you {learning from your mistakes is the best part of the whole process, right?}, is that's not to easy to to sew a stretched fabric on a sturdy cotton fabric.  You cannot easily see it in the pics but after I've sewn the outer side of the dress, I realized that the edges were kind of wavy.. I don't know if you can understand well what I'm saying!!! But I did press it very well, and it's not so visible!!! I've also made another mistake with the position of the buttonholes, but I'll be more careful next time!! oooohhh!!! enough with the mistakes part!!! I'm just sew excited and happy with this little cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just a sample, but I'm pretty sure that you'll see more like this in the near future;) If you have any tips, on sewing baby clothes, or any tuts that are interesting please do share!!!

And last but not least!!! I just wanted to share with you some major BIG news!! I'm participating in an Xmas craft fair in the start of December!!! I can't tell you how excited I am!!! I wish all of you could be there to meet you and have a nice chit chat!! Wouldn't it be great?

I'm wishing everyone a great/creative week:D


  1. Your baby books are always so amazing and adorable :)
    I think my absolute favorite thing on this post is the little kissing couple :)
    I was working my way through a handbag but got sidetracked by the nephew and a school project...now I feel like vegging out on the couch.

  2. Hi Eleni! I love also your baby books! They are just fantastic and adorable! Wow - congratulations for joining the Christmas fair! ... I'm still thinking if or if not ...
    Have a great week!
    xxx Teje

  3. All the things you make are so great! My only advice/tips for sewing stretches has to do with what type of stitch you used. A straight stitch will not stretch so it could get wavy because the knit may be stretching while the heavier is not. I would try a zig-zag or and overlock stitch and see if that makes it better. You could also try a walking foot. I would practice with scraps also to see what will happen with whatever fabrics you choose. Try different stitches as well as which fabric is on the bottom and on the top. I would totally come to a craft fair to meet you. You make a lot of great stuff :) Hope that didn't sound to creepy!

  4. I love all the things you make and can't wait to see your work at the Xmas fair! More info about it please!!! :)

  5. Hello everyone
    I'm the French girl who ordered Eleni the baby book, the coaster set and the quilt head scarf.believe me the pictures taken donnot show half of the beauties she made.The scarf whish hasn't been pictured is full of colours and make me look-as Chris told me-like a happy Polish girl, probably working in a farm....It's absolutely lovely.The baby book is full of colours. Look at the little tree!IT IS SO CUTE!As for the coasters they incredibly match the colours of my living room sofa cushions as
    well as the curtains.Once again the photos don't show the joy Eleni's makings gave me.The little dress which I saw from closer is a real jewel.WELL DONE ELENI !Your are such a good person.

  6. Υπέροχη ανάρτηση!!! Όλα όσα έχεις ράψει είναι τόσο όμορφα και γεμάτα χρώματα!Μπράβο σου!!! Συμφωνώ πως από τα λάθη μαθαίνουμε κι είναι όμορφο αυτό γιατί συνήθως την επόμενη που φορά που φτιάχνουμε το ίδιο πράγμα σκεφτόμαστε... "ααα εδώ θα το προσέξω γιατί τότε..." και μετά γελάμε γιατί εννοείται πως βγαίνει καλύτερο το αποτέλεσμα και το κοιτάμε με θαυμασμό και καμαρώνουμε!!!χε!χε! : Ρ

  7. I love your friend's comment about looking like a happy Polish girl! Hee hee! That's adorable.
    What a blessing you are, Eleni! I wish I lived near you ( for many reasons...one of which being that I covet anything Greek ) because I would love to visit your table at the craft fair. Congratulations and good luck, my dear!


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