One productive week

Helloooooo:) Happy October everyone!!!! I'm here...I'm not on vacation in case you were wondering!!! It's been one busy busy busy week!!! And it's finally over, I can relax today and enjoy my Sunday !!!! I have so many things to share with you, and I don't even know where to start!!! 
So first things first!!! It's been a very tiresome week at work, there have been some major changes in the company I'm working, which led to many hours overtime, which leeds of course to less hours of sewing!!!UUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! But this hasn't kept me from being creative!!! ;) 
One thing though made me really sad, and to tell you the truth I'm still not entirely over it!!! Remember, I told you in the last post that I was getting a few fqs in various shades of blues for Love's Frosty Quilt!!! Well, I've been missing one last one (Blueberry shade from Kona cotton), and I found out that it has been stolen from someone in our building.  I met our mailman the other day and he told me that since he rang our bell and no one answered he left it in a shared for all building residents mailbox. I never found it guys! Isn't that awful??I don't know what to do, this is the first time something like this happens!! I know that it was plain flat rate mail, but I cannot afford every time for registered mail!!! Ohhh!!! I have to write a very "complimentary" letter and hang it above the mailbox!!!!
Let's change the subject, cause the more I'm writing about it the more frustrated I get!! Anyways, this week has been more than productive!!! I prepared and already delivered (and know that they have been appreciated and loved) two fabric photo album sleeves my cousin had asked me.  
The first one was Clio's Christening (for whom I had made the Litle Princess Book). I followed this great tutorial from The Cottage Home and changed of course the dimensions to fit the photo album.

And the second one was for little Alexandra who's Christening theme was Daisies. Isn't it a lovely theme, or what?

This was the second attempt for this album, the first one was a total disaster!!! I just love that little bee...and those candy like buttons:D

Of course I couldn't resist another baby gear set for a friend's friend!!! Boyish though this time!! I used dark denim fabric for the shoes, and for the bib I had some left over yellow towel fabric.!!! It turned out sssoooo cute!!! 

Now on to pillows!!! A colleague had asked me for a pillow for her  partner in life, who's a semi professional pilot!!! So she wanted a pillow themed after Airplanes, followed by orange color!!! Now, tell me what would you do in this case?? This is what I came up... A flight in the mountains!!!

I was having so many second thoughts on this pillow, I didn't know if she'd like the vintage style of it, the combination of prints and the design overall!!! I gave it to her on Friday, she was THRILLED!!!..quoting " This is the most adorable pillow ever!!! I love the vintage feeling of it, with this old type airplane!! The fabric you used for the balloon is just amazing!!! And the geometric-style mountains!!! omg Eleni!!! You are just so talented!!! Jim is going to love it!! In fact!! I think I might be keeping it for myself;)". Once to my ears!!!! 

And last but not least, I had an order for another {Home is where the heart is..} pillow.  I used off white background color this time... but the same print/color combination for the back..

Now this is what I call GREAT FABRIC CONSUMPTION!!! Maybe I have to start counting yards/week;)

I also have to read about time management!!!cause there is some serious issue over there!! All these custom orders are keeping me from checking up on you and what you've made all this time!!! And of course from making things for us... for me.. !!! The only thing I managed to squeeze in for me was this headband... which turned out slightly bigger!!! So peeps in the next attempt!!!

Sewing plans for this week include:D
- Hopefully some catching up with the qal!!! {sssooooooooo far behind again!!!}
- A baby set for a blog friend {yep!!! My first order from the blog!!!woot!!woot!!!}. I'm still waiting though for the fabrics for this... I'm not showing!! I want it to be a surprise!!!
- Have to start on Love's Frosty quilt!!
- Make an early start on Christmas ornaments and fill up my little shop :D
- And last but not least, but I'll need your help on this! I have to decide on a quilt pattern, and I'm still not sure. Yesterday my little cousin got married <3 (it was a gorgeous wedding...and I still have a slight hangover...) and we went empty handed!! But I've promised her I'd make her a throw quilt.  Will you help me pick a pattern? I'll post all about it in the next few days..

Well, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine {much colder though}. I'm wishing you all a great Sunday, and I just wanted to say  miiiiisssseeeeddddd you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh Eleni I can't believe someone took your parcel how horrible! I often get my fabric parcels delivered to my work address to avoid problems with deliveries could you do that? Your cushions are simply amazing! Really really unique and gorgeous :-)

  2. You have been SUPER busy!!!! Have you stopped sleeping? Those bees are too sweet and who does not love baby boy cuteness :o) Great job!!!!

  3. so sorry to hear about the mail, hope someone is honest and returns it to you. I love all the pretties you have made!

  4. Seriously? Someone stole our mail?
    You're killing me with the cuteness - I can't believe the adorable stuff you're cranking out!
    For a quilt pattern - I just finished a Little Apples quilt using a pattern by Aneela Hoey - it was called "Fancy" and was so stinking easy, but looks difficult. It's a nice throw size and shouldn't take you too long. It uses a layer cake, but of course you could cut your own 10 inch squares and go from there. I found it on her blog comfortstitching. My sister's friend is going to have a little boy, and I'm thinking I might make the fox quilt (like you) from Scandinavian Stitches. if I feel like it. I wasn't going to make anything but she asked me to so I'll feel bad if I don't.


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