Who doesn't need some baby gear??? right??

Well hello my lovely blog friends!!!

I missed you these past few days...but life has seriously gotten in my way!!! Too many hours of work every day, and not such a good mood for inspiring makings!!! But I'm back, and I'm feeling so great, I just finished the order for my friend at work!!! woot!! woot!!! I also made her a cute gift wrap...I'll show you :D Just grab yourselves a nice cup of coffee and stay a while!!!

I had already made her a quilted bib, and finished it today by adding snap closing {I know that velcro is so much more easy to use, but I do love snaps and that click sound they make... don't you agree?}. Anyways, Mr. H. went downtown today to buy for me a set of diy cover button kit and I had the best time making two cute buttons for the kimono shoes. ANd, since my order is a gift, I had already bought some gift wrapping supplies. OK, I know, I know, enough with the tech info...

{you're gonna have to excuse me for these awful pics, but they were taken a little while ago and it's dark outside!!!}.
So here is the baby set all wrapped up:D Doesn't it look adorably cute?? Isn't this fabric line to die for?? 

 As for the kimono shoes, after the third attempt, they came our really nice... one is slightly wider than the other, but not so noticeable.. 

Here's the pillow {I know you've already seen this--but I truly love it!!}for the baby's crib!!!

I also threw in a present from me!! Meet Ernest the Dach Hound dog!!! I know his a little crooked, but I love his face expression!! Isn't he cute? 

And last but certainly not least, here's is how I'm gonna present my friend her order tomorrow, hopefully she'll be pleased cause I put my best on it aaannnddd spent a small fortune on gift wrapping supplies!!!

Now, on a whole other note, my niece {Love} will be baptized in a few months and I've finally decided on her gift. I'm gonna make her the frosty quilt from my favorite book.  Have you ever seen it? 

Tell me! honestly!!, isn't it the cutest baby quilt you've ever seen? I find it truly inspiring and whimsical!!! I've placed orders for all shades of blue and green {for the trees}and fqs have been arriving the last few days!!! Hopefully I'll be starting on this in the next weeks!!! I can HARDLY wait!!!

Well, I'd love to stick around and show you more but I do have to get to bed, I have a very early start tomorrow!!! Thank you all for your kind words on my previous {bad mood} post!!! I'm so glad I've met you all!!! Blogging is the most wonderful thing!!!


  1. Your friend is going to love it! And the wrapping looks really beautiful. So glad you're feeling better today. :)

  2. What fabulous baby gear, and Ernest is adorable! clever you!

  3. Remind me to tell you when I need baby gifts - these are so sweet!!! I love the fabric - and the kimono booties are the most adorable thing ever! I'm glad you got your motivation back. I cannot WAIT to see your quilt. I have such a weird goal for myself: I want to finish my to-do list so then I can take my books and mags I've bought and just sew my way through them. I don't want to make anything else other than what it's in them. They're going to waste on my shelves due to lack of time.
    I hope your Friday is delightful!

  4. If she doesn't want them I'll take them!!!! They're absolutely adorable and even more!! Loooveee them!!!!

  5. The gifts look wonderful. I love the little puppy too, so cute! The gift wrapping is great! I love the birds! I'm glad that you are in a better mood :) I also want you to know that I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out on my blog

  6. love the beauty of these baby items it is nearly vintage flavored with a whimsy so fun

  7. I love your baby quilt - especially the fox!


  8. This must be one of the cutest and most adorable I've ever seen! I am sure each and every item will be well loved! We are sharing this on the blog today ^^)

    Have a lovely weekend!


  9. Wow! This is a great one! I do agree that we all want to have some baby gears for our babies and one thing that shouldn't be missed is a baby trend stroller


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