Sunday is a sewing day..

Hello my lovelies!!!

Hope that you had a great weekend so far... I realized today, that it's been 10 years since the tragic event of 11/9!!  Can't believe that so many years have gone by!!! I remember I was working at a bank, when we heard the news on the radio, and I immediately ran out, to call a friend of mine who was returning to Greece from US!! I can't tell you how relieved I was when he answered his phone.  Lucky for me, but not so lucky for so many people!!! I can't even begin to imagine, how you would have felt... it affected me so much and I'm not even an American. The one thing I do know and realized since that day is that the world is not so safe any more...

Any-hooo, to lighten things up a little, I just wanted to pop in and share with you, my Sewing-Sunday.  It began with some Sims games on FB {my internet-games addiction came back, and wants to stay!!!--I'm fighting back, but not with so great results!!}. I decided that I should re-arrange my sewing stash, I even ironed all my little you do that too??or am I the only crazy person here?? After that I decided that I should start working on my colleague's order for some baby gear for her friend who just had her baby girl.  Ohhh!! did I tell you that the fabrics I ordered have arrived, I decided to go with the Wing it from MoMo for Moda!! It's such an awesome fabric line, so bright and cheerful, I chose the plum shade and I love it <3!! So, the gift includes bib/kimono baby shoes/pillow or fabric book {we'll see on that}. I almost finished her bib, I chose to make her a quilted one, and I say I almost finished it cause I realized that I ran out of snaps, and I didn't want to use velcro. I'll have to buy some on Tuesday!!! 

Isn't it so cute?? I don't know if I would use this bib if I were a mom, it's too boutique-like, maybe this will be her preppy bib or something.. anywayss... on to kimono shoes... I'm pretty sure that you'll have seen them before.  I didn't want to waste any of my new fabric, and since this was the first time I would make them, I used some scraps.  I followed the tutorial from Home Spun Threads and after fusing/cutting/sewing.. we came to this... 

Well, my first attempt was not a complete success, I have to try it again before I make her, her gift.  One is actually slightly larger than the other, and my sewing is not that straight :(,  but still they look adorably cute, don't they?

I've also started working on a new pillow, I haven't decided yet if I'll include it in her order or in the shop. It's still too early to show you...I'll post some pics maybe tomorrow afternoon, hopefully it'll be done by then. Well, that's all for now... I'm bit!!! my back hurts like crazy... I'm off to watch a 9/11 documentary!!!

What about you, what did you do today?


  1. I spent the day with my nephew. I had a loooong sewing Saturday and needed to give my back a rest.
    Those wee little shoes are the cutest things!
    And yes, I've ironed my scraps. They're so much more fun to play with when they're not all wrinkly :)


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