I got moo-ed !!!

Happy Thursday my lovely blog friends:)

Yep!! It's official!!! September is here!!!yay!!!Christmas are getting closer :D Is anyone else thinking of Christmas so early as me, or am I the only crazy here?

Anyway, I'm so happy, cause yesterday I had mailman visiting:D. I had ordered almost 2 weeks ago, my personal cards and some stickers along from moo!!! Have you heard of them? I can't remember where I first heard of these guys!!But they sure ROCK!!! My project was due on September 15, but they had it ready 15 days earlier!! Excited here :)

Wanna see those cuties? 

Love love love the packaging :D

Stickers for my packaging !!!

I've chosen 20 different prints for my cards!!!

If you're interested in your own business cards, or stickers, or labels, or whatever comes to your mind, just head over at moo. Believe me you won't be disappointed!!!

On another note, I've told you that it would be one busy week, but I haven't touched my sewing machine, not one bit!! It's been awful these days at work, I was working every day overtime, and I just hadn't any strength left for sewing. Today and tomorrow though I've taken the days off, and I'm at my parent's home, in order to clean my carpets!!! :( My arms and shoulders are aching, and I've got blisters on my hands!!! uughhh!! but at least half of them are ready!! I've brought with me some scraps, cause I wanted at least to sew some blocks for the qal,on my mom's sewing machine.  NO LUCK!!! It's not working!!!! I'll definitely ask Mr. H. to bring me my sewing machine tomorrow when he comes too!!! At least I can sit and relax on our balcony, it's so quite, the only thing you here is birds tweeting, Ivan {our dog} barking!! I'm only here one day, and it felt like forever!! 

I'm leaving with you with a photo I took just after sunset... isn't that cloud amazing!!!???


  1. Thanks for this info! Those stickers and cards are adorable! I have to go check out this shop.

  2. I think I got trigger happy (unless you have comment moderation on).

    Moo has the best quality...I have not tried the stickers yet...a must on my to-do list!


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