Do donkeys fly??

Do donkeys fly?? Well, apparently they do.... 

We were downtown yesterday with Mr. H's sister looking for some packaging supplies, when we came upon this... and the funny thing is that when we saw it we were discussing on how bad things are in my country, and how great is that I keep being creative and trying for something that I love, when everything else around me is falling apart.. 
well actually this is how I've been feeling these last few weeks... I'm like a flying donkey, something that doesn't actually exists!!!! I feel like everything I do, and everything I'm trying for, don't have {and won't have} the result I'd want!! I've been thinking that with the economical crisis my country faces soon there will be great changes and everyone will think about survival issues and not handmade cute stuff... tell me am I wrong? 
I sincerely want to apologize for not having responded to my comments, for not having read your posts...but I've been feeling so uninspired!! I'm so sorry for this post too...but I wouldn't be real to you, if I didn't share with you how I feel {life is hard so many times}!! I'm gonna make a stop here, I don't want to become a burden on you...
I just want to wish everyone a great rest weekend..and to remind myself that everything will work out in the end....


  1. I took a rest weekend and feel guilty for it. Isn't that terrible? Things do get better. You need to keep making and creating - it's the little things like that that help with rough times.

  2. Hi Eleni! Don't loose your inspiration! I'm so tired and depressed to think the situation and to hear all the time so bad news. Only thing that have kept my mind positive is my sewing and blogging and I'm so happy I started my blog last year! Remember that there are still people who like to have unique handmade things!
    Keep creative and you could make first a mugrug about something beautiful in Greece! If you like the idea, visit me!
    xxx Teje

  3. I think that when times are hard people often turn back to more simple traditional times and are happy to spend money on something unique and hand-made, dont loose hope, your creations are lovely. Times are difficult in many places around the world at the moment including here in the UK and in America but the desire for hand-made seems to be growing and flourishing


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