Bears & Princesses !!! And Pink... lots of Pink !!!

Happy Saturday my lovely blog friends <3

I'm so sorry for this long absence, but I've been one little busy bee, working on a custom order for two baby fabric books.  I finished them early today, {phhheeewwww!!! just in time}, I delivered them to the happiest customer ever, and I sincerely hope that the little ones will love them!!! What did you guys do this week, I didn't have enough time to check on what you were making !!!I sincerely apologize for this!!! 

The first book is for little Katy's Christening ceremony, which is themed after cute bears, and pink!! I changed things this time. I made them slightly smaller,there dimensions are 12''x6'' , they still have 10 pages, but I've sewn them all around and didn't cut the edges for fraying. So this is the little bear book for Katy :)

 Bear pattern is from Ammee's babies
 Birds fly in the sky !!!
 Fox pattern is from the book Scandinavian Stitches, and the tree pattern is from little dear
 Whale love <3
 Butterflies and flowers
Scottie dog pattern is from to all sorts  

On to the second book, for little Clio who's Christening theme is Princesses, annnd guess again... Pink and fuchsia !! I think I've gone color blind from all this color burst...hehehehe!!! Anyway, this is the Little Princess Book !!!

 Wouldn't be a princess without her Crown, right?
 A bird in a happy forest <3<3<3
 Butterflies & flowers!!
 Fishes make ..mmm... bubbles??!! Her own small aquarium <3<3<3
 Horses love Carrots :)
 I was too tired to make something different for the last two pages, it was already 3 in the morning, and I hadn't even started to close this cutie up!!! So again, doggie and cat!!!

For gift wrapping, I had already bought two craft brown bags, which I tear and sewn them again, and added a machine appliqued embellishment.  I put in each bag my brand new biz card!!! And I hope for some good comments on my work!! 

For three straight days, I didn't do anything else than work eat and sew..but I'm so happy with the result!!! Needless to say, that the sewing room, is a HUGE mess!!! I can't find anything, all my stash is like a bomb has before I begin my next order {a baby set, but I'll tell you all about it in the next days, this is one huge post!!! sorryy!!!}, I do have to straight things up!!! 

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day, cause tomorrow is Sewing/Cleaning Sunday!!! What will you be making this weekend?


  1. Eleni, you have so much patience! These books turned out lovely as usual, super cute!! Love all the pink! And I especially love the homemade gift bags. Your cute tote is on it's way to Greece!! :-)

  2. THOSE are adorable! I am in love with the little pink bear! The only book I've ever made before is the kind where you buy the panel and cut out the pieces and stitch it together. This looks like the same principal and much cuter. My sister's friend asked me to make her something for her almost here baby and this would be really cute. And I am really not in the mood to make a blanket, lol.

  3. Your books look wonderful! They are SO cute!! I love the owl and the unicorn! The little ones are going to love them (and eat them) :)The bags are really great too, I never would have thought of something like that!
    I had intended on getting some things done this week but managed to get nothing done. I'm going to try really hard to at least start something :)

  4. These are totally gorgeous Eleni, great job!! So so cute :-)

  5. Those are abosultely charming! I'm inspired to attempt something other than a baby hat for showers/new baby gifts now. Now, I just need to gather up some bright fabric as my grey/green/black color scheme is a little to dull.

  6. The books turned out wonderful!!! Congratulations. PJ Taylor

  7. These are amazing... especially all of the animals! I also really love your banner. I would love it if you would stop by and share at the crafty link party going on right now at Lines Across My Face.
    I hope to see you soon,

  8. So adorable. I wish I was talented enough to try one of these myself.
    I especially love the fish!

  9. What a wonderful project- so much love and attention
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  10. Sooooo cute! Will have to share with my niece's! POP ART MINIS

  11. I confirm! your books were the most successful christening presents the 2 little ladies got!!! And their mums loved them !!!

  12. I am amazed by your skills and your creativity...the little books are lovely! I am sure the little people they went to would be so happy!

  13. you are so talented! And these beauties are beyond adorable! I am sure these will be well-loved! we are featuring it on the blog today. Have a lovely weekend!


  14. Those are so cute! I bet the little ones love them.
    from Jill Made It

  15. hi Eleni! The votation for TSWL's finest starts today. good luck!



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