Tuesday things I love {baby edition}

Happy Tuesday my blog friends :)

It's time for Tuesday things I love again!!! After summer break, feels like going back to school!!! So, I have a custom order for a sweet baby gift for a friend's colleague from work.  We've been considering on what to make for le bébé, and we decided on a nice cute, girly, set of bib/kimono shoes/baby pillow.  It's time for shopping!! what a great excuse!!! Don't you agree?

The only thing I know, is that we want all items to include some pink color!!dah!!!I have to deliver her gift by the end of September, fact which means that  I have to place a fabric order as soon as possible, since  there is an almost 15 days lead time to receive it:(

I've been searching on etsy for fabrics!!! My god, there are so many cute fabrics out there to chose from!!{I'm not gonna even mention Japanese!!! This post would be endless!!!}.Quilting cotton, flannel, minky {ooohh so fluffy/cuddly/PRICEY!!}, chenille {also cute but pricey!!!). Now tell me how can I make up my mind!!! I'd say "easy peasy"!! Take them all!! Right?? In another life maybe or planet maybe:(

Will you help me out??


  1. Hi Eleni! You will have so nice work to do! To choose the fabrics is difficult, but if this helps, I would choose the 1. bundle even every one is so beautiful!
    Have a lovely sewing time!
    xxx Teje

  2. Sounds like fun makes...I would pick number 3, but if your customer is more traditional they may prefer something with more pink in it?

  3. I'd go #8, just because I love this line and love the "girly"-ness of it :) If they like bright colors, go #1. They are all incredible! If she likes classic, go #4. Oh dear, I could do this for each of them :) I'm no help! hehe! Good luck- that is hard! I KNOW she will love it no matter which you pick!


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