Practice makes better?? {Wip}

Remember yesterday I showed you my first attempt on paper piecing the Arkansas traveller block!! Well, since that didn't go so well, I thought I'd give it another go!! I cut all my strips yesterday late in the evening, and today just before work, I managed to assemble all four diamonds {yep!! I know what you'll be thinking---doesn't this girl have a life??? Well, I'm kinda obsessing hereeeeeee ;)!!!!}.
Anyways, the result was a so much better than the first one.  When I came home, I started on the paper piecing, and it actually worked this time... with some minor wonky details {of cource}!! 

I'll be making a pillow out of this block, so I'm adding borders to make a 16x16'' pillow form fit. I've been considering though about my quilting options on this cutie... maybe some eco quilting on the outer sides of the star? would it look nice with the borders and all?  would you like to share your thoughts?? 

I used light weight fabrics for the diamonds on this one, and med weight fabric for the background. I found that I could work on this combination of weights much better, and the seams pressing was sooo easier.  Ohh... see that orange floral fabric on the diamonds, it's a vintage treasure from my mom's stash.  She had used it for making me a cute dress when I was little... don't you just love it??

I think it turned out way much better, don't you think?

I've also started working on the Virginia Star block, Leila had posted last Friday, but I'll be sharing with you peeps in the next days.

I'm off again to my little sewing world. 


  1. Looks great! Yes, paper piecing is it's own wild art form!

  2. Oh I DO love it!!! I haven't tried paper piecing yet. Everything looks so perfect done that way but I'm nervous.... I think Leila is going to show us paper piecing so I'm holding off until then to learn it.


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