Photo Challenge - {Days 20 & 21}

Happy Sunday :D

Can you believe it's almost the end of August?? Where did this summer go?? I say bring it back!!! Anyway, trying to catch up again with the photo challenge!!

Day's 19 theme is " What I read".  I saw this magazine the other day, and my eye caught those cute pillows on the cover... I grabbed it no time!!! Major disappointment though, too much cooking  content...less sewing :(

Now, day's 20 theme is " Pretty pattern".  I scored this Japanese fq from an etsy store on Friday or was it Thursday.  Anyways, it doesn't matter when, what matters is when will it arrive!! Can't wait... Isn't it lovely ?

Well I'm off to visit my dearest auntie with my family!! And I bring with me lots of presents :) Peeps on those later :)

I'm wishing all of you lovelies a great day :)


  1. That IS a really sweet Etsy print!
    I can't believe August is almost over either but I'm looking forward to the cooler weather.

  2. Oh, I would have picked up that magazine too! I love the cover. Too bad it wasn't very good. The fabric is darling I can't wait to see what you make with it. I really like the phot challenge it is fun to see all the pictures of your life.


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