Photo Challenge - {Days 10 & 11}

Happy Thursday!! 

Finally, this week is coming to it's end!!! Can't wait for this longgg weekend, cause Monday is a National Holiday here in Greece, so 3-day weekend come on home :)!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, on to the photo challenge:) Day's 10 theme is "Something I made".  Well, I just finished the pinwheel pillow I've started for my mother, and here it is....

I think it turned out really nice, although there are many visible mistakes!!! I used blue denim for the backing, and I tried to make an envelope closing with no luck this time!! So, plain button up closing for this one!! 

Now, day's 11 theme is "Something funny". You know that I'm a cat lover!! I am!! I love cats and all their weird poses when they're sleeping, their face expressions when they're bored, their curiosity!!  

Ohhh, I'm once again late for work, have to get ready ASAP!!! Have a great day everyone :)


  1. Your pillow is so cute! I'm sure your mom will love it.

  2. I love the pillow!! and the kitty poses!!

  3. The pillow came out really cute - WHAT visible mistakes???

  4. That pillow is beautiful and I love your cat photos! They are always so sweet and make funny things!
    xxx Teje


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