A little busy bee !!!

As I told you on an earlier post, I've been a little busy bee these days!!! Now, please don't imagine something huge!!! But certainly something new to me!! I have been wanting to participate in another QAL from fresh lemon quilts, you probably have seen it already, the Summer sampler series. Well, the qal ended on August 5, but I decided last week to take a part, typical me !!!

Anyway, I've been dying over this block, the Arkansas traveller, isn't it amazing?? Lee, from Freshly Pieced has prepared a very very very helpful tutorial on how to make this. There is a reason on why I'm insisting on how helpful this tut is, you'll understand if you scroll down a little!! 

So I decided to give this one a try!! Since I'm not "typically" participating in this qal, I thought I could make blocks in no particular order, right? It involved the paper piecing technique, which is a whole new dimension for me!! So this is my first try, I couldn't not share it with you. I'm proud I pulled this off even if it's all wrong!! 

This is what happens, when you don't pay as much attention to a tut!! For the parts 4 and 5 of paper piecing I used the short sized stripes!! What we learned today?? Read twice and very carefully your tuts!!!! 

The second one was a pure success compared to the first one!!! I was delighted with joy!!

This is how it looks all together!! As you can see there are many many many mistakes, but I won't give up.  I'll try this one again!!! Although it's all crooked, I still think it looks great!!  What do you think? 

Now, apart from this block, I've made some cute little coasters for my dearest auntie!! I followed the tutorial of Jess from Twin Fibers.  I used my new Sugar pop charm pack which arrived sooooo fast this time!! woot!! woot!!

Those corners are way too tricky if you ask me!!! 

this is how the back looks {before hand quilted}!!! Love, love, love this fabric line!!!!

I dropped them off to my mother with a very simple gift wrapping, plain paper and a selvage for a ribbon, hopefully my auntie will love them :D I know my mama did!! Maybe I should make her some too... 

Anywayssss,I'm late again!! I have to get ready for work, I'm wishing everyone a great day :)


  1. So cute Eleni! That block looks great, not crooked at all! You are so brave. I am terrified to try paper piecing! And those coasters are adorable! Can I ask, where do you buy your charm packs? I've been looking for a good online store that has a large variety of them. Please let me know! Thanks!

  2. I love the precision that you can get with paper piecing, but you do have to get it in your head what you are doing! If it's been a while since I've done it, I have to think about it a bit! Your block turned out great and the coasters are so cute!


  3. Your block looks lovely! And those coasters are adorable :-) And if you need another QAL come over and join me and Jennifer ;-)


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