Weekend fun!!

Hello my lovely blog friends!!!

What have you been doing this weekend?? Did you have fun? What have you been doing? For me, it's been one great weekend.. and I'm so sad that it's officially over :(  It had everything!!! beach time.... and great food...and true blood time {I don't know about you, but I'm so obsessed with this tv serie}, aaand some sewing {woot!!woot!!!what a way to end a great weekend}.

Yesterday early in the morning we headed to our -lately discovered but amazing- beach!!! We arrived too early.. there was almost nobody yet there... The water was just amazing!!! 

 Mr. H. found this shell, that was covered with some orange thing!! I had no idea what that was, but I had to take a picture of it, and then return it again to the sea... Do you have any idea, what that might be??

And of course, they had to take a photo of me with all my gear...hehehe... I was just asking Mr. H. to come and take from me those two sea urchin shells I had just found... he said I looked like a contemporary mermaid...heheheeh... silly me!!!! 

That was yesterday, today after doing some house cleaning, I thought I should catch up with the Skill Builder QAL, that I'm now sooooo behind!! Leila, has already posted about block 6, and all I had done was block 1. I had no intention of being left so behind... but life got in the way... and you know what happens then!!! Anyway, after three or four hours of cutting and sewing, I managed to complete two more blocks!!! Well, it's definitely gonna be one big SCRAPPY quilt!!! I don't have one singe complete fabric line, so I have to combine colors and prints according to my bedroom's shades, which are lilac and dark purple!!! 

So, this is my 9 patch, which is the second block of the QAL. 

And this is block number 3, my Charm Dush!!

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, although there are many visible mistakes!!! Here are my three blocks till now... didn't I tell you it's gonna be too scrappy?? I hope that it look somehow great when all blocks are finished...

Well, if my back didn't hurt I'd still be sewing now!!! But tomorrow it's Monday, and I have an early start!!! I'm wishing all of you a happy week!!!

p.s. Don't forget about the 30 days photo challenge!!! It starts tomorrow!!! :) 


  1. Oh I love those blocks!! Scrappy quilts are my absolute favorite! I'm hoping mine looks scrappy and not too together when I'm done with it. But I have another totally scrappy one waiting to be assembled (it's been waiting almost a year to be put together - like you said - life has a way of getting in the way!
    OH - and I love your mermaid picture :)

  2. Darling. I love your mermaid picture. Your blocks look great. I can't wait until your quilt is done. Your weekend looked alot funner than mine. All I did was laundry Ugg. Have a great week!!

  3. Oh im sooooo jealous, that looks like such a fabulous weekend, what a gorgeous beach and yay for scrappy quilts, it is looking great


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