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Happy Tuesday everyone :)

Hope you had a great weekend, as I did.  Well, we had such a great time, my cousin's wedding was just amazing:) She had prepared a lot of the decorations herself (and I'm such a fool not to take pictures of the table decor)... Although the original plan was to go to the wedding (which took place 250 Klm from our city, Athens) and return the same day... we were so tired after the small feast they had prepared for us, that we couldn't resist not staying in a lovely hotel near the beach and the church, were the ceremony took place.  

The view from our room
I can only tell you one thing... we were in the water till almost 10 o' clock in the night..  It was just lovely and brought back so many memories... summer parties on the beach...aaa the young and the restless....hehehehehe!! 

sunrise at Achaia

Anyway, on Sunday early in the morning we began our trip back to the city.  Our trip was so tiring and hot... when we arrived, all I wanted to do was, stick my head into the freezer... I was unable of even thinking of next day going to work  so depressed by this thought!!! 

Anyway, although I'm not feeling sew creative these days... maybe it's the job thing, maybe the fact that vacations are over... I don't know why, I'm still thinking of making changes in our home.  Well, the dining room is almost done.. and I've been thinking of adding a small but cute detail ... a table runner... I always loved them... why not try one for our home for a change?? It seems to me that I'm not making cute things for our house.. but I'll soon change that... I just have to overcome this bad mood!!! 

Would you like some inspiration?? 

How about this doily table runner... now tell me... am I having an obsession with doilies??? 

is maybe this the next step?? 

cause if that's the case, I'm seriously turning into my MOM!!! Isn't this piece just gorgeous?? Can you even imagine, how many hours and days did this piece needed to finish??? 

But I'm more of this type myself, something like this maybe??


or these cute leaves.... so lovely!!!


or this one.. love those bright colors...


and definitely this one... maybe with not so heavy batting...though!!!

I'm honestly feeling a little better, just by posting about all these lovely handmade things!! Maybe I'll even go to my fabric stash to check on colors and prints... but before that I can't wait to eat what Mr. H. has prepared for me... Fried Zucchinis with yoghurt and cucumbers.... mmmm... yummy!!!

I'm wishing everyone a great day:)


  1. I like the leaves - so different! My great grandma crocheted a huge lacy tablecover - I swear it must have taken her whole life! And in your first picture - waaaay in the back on top of the cabinets - aren't all those globes just too cute?!

  2. Hello Eleni! I'm happy to hear that you had wonderful weekend!
    All those table runners are so beautiful!
    xxx Teje

  3. I've seen that table runner everywhere! It's so pretty but I don't think I could crochet it, I'd go out of my mind. I'd just buy some at the store and sew them together. haha. I'm a cheater!

  4. Καλημέρα Ελένη μου! Είναι πανέμορφα τα ράνερ ιδικά αυτό με τις δαντέλες πολύ ωραία ιδέα..!
    Φιλιά να περνάς όμορφα..:)


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