Something new... 30 days photo challenge-{August}!!!

Happy Thursday my lovely blog friends:)
I was browsing my google reader today, when I saw a post from lovely Anzouya, about a 30 days photo challenge!! Have your ever tried this before? I know I haven't, and I would so want to participate... Although, I'm not good at taking pictures, and certainly don't look great in front of the camera... I've decided, I'm gonna give it a try!!! 

What do you guys think, will you participate too? I think it's such a great way to document your everyday life!!! Just head over at oh so lovely, for further details!!!

Can't wait for August to start:)


  1. Hi Eleni! That sounds fun and I'm looking forward to see your photos!

  2. I will be looking for your pictures!!

  3. I'm in! sounds like loads of fun


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