A happy place..

How was your weekend?? Did you have a good time?? Mine and Mr. H's was all about cleaning and redecorating my little happy corner... yesss... I finally did it!! And I think it looks just awesome!!! He agreed to take me to IKEA to pick up a few frames for some illustration I've downloaded from feed your soul. I don't remember if I've already mentioned this site before!! It's all about free downloadable illustration.  I'm sure you'll find amazing art to print:)
Anyway, a long time ago Mr. H. had found somewhere on the street two boxes.  One included a vintage blue Silverette II typewriter and the other one included a vintage instant movie projector a TECHNICOLOR 250, which after some search I found out that it's dated around 60's-70's.  All this time, both boxes were sitting in our store room... but now they've finally found there place in our home :)

So, this is my happy corner... (of course after my other happy place which is the sewing room!!!)

My favorites <3 vintage collectibles+illustration art

I just love it:) Whenever I take a look at this corner I get a smile from ear to ear!! What do you think?? 

On another note I've discovered a whole new world this weekend!! Digital scrapbooking !!! I know!! I know!!! it sounds crazy!! but it's a whole new world for me!!! I'm itching for a new look for my blog for a long time now!!! I have a thing with changes!! I think my little blog has stayed the same for a quite some time now!! I've given it a try with something simple... like a new blog button!! This was my first attempt... doesn't it look pretty?? I'll soon be making some new buttons if you're interested in a button swap ;)

Last but not least, Sewing plans for this week !!! Yayeeee!!!!!:)

- Two dresden plate (pillows this time) my mother asked me for someone special !!!
- Some new coasters...and I've found the perfect tutorial for them:) 
- And of course I have to catch up with the QAL I've joined!! I hate the fact that I'm so behind!!! 

Last but not least I'll be needing your help on deciding on a quilt for us!! Yes!! You heard right, I've decided on making a quilt for our bed... luckily it's not a king size..pheewww... I'll be posting all about it on tomorrow's Tuesday things I love!!  

My favorite closing line "It's going to be a sew busy week" :) Music to my ears....

Have to get ready for work, I'm wishing all of you A happy Monday !!!


  1. Your vintage+illustration corner looks great!!! Love it :)

  2. love your little happy corner!! I can't wait to see what your going to be sewing.

  3. I'm a few blocks behind too (I was on vacation) - I'm hoping to catch up this week (if I get to far behind I'll find a reason to stop and I really am enjoying the quilt along).

  4. Ooooh, what a lovely tutorial. I'm going to be making some right along with you!


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