A Sneak peek

Bonjour everyone:)

What have you been working on?? Ohh do tell I want to know!!! 

I'm just popping in to show you how the pillow for my friend's son is turning out.  She told me that he is only 3-4 months old and that his mother has decorated his room with a huge vinyl tree on the wall, with lots of colors.  I decided to go with a quilted pillow.  This one is pretty large, considering it's 50X50 cm.  I've started working on it yesterday, with lots and lots of stupid accidents.  I hate when that happens, just to give you a hint, a cut twice my background fabric, cause my iron's plate was dirty, and when I appliqued the tree trunk on it, disaster...you can imagine!!! How stupid am I??? 

Anyway, it still has a lot of work... but I just wanted you to take a look... What do you think??? 

Well have to get ready for work!!!

Hope you have a great day:)


  1. What a cute pillow! I have got to try some applique!

  2. Sometimes it's the projects that cause us the most trouble, that turn out the best! Such a sweet friend for making such a cute pillow!

  3. looks like it is going to be very nice.

  4. That's really cute! Looks like it will be great :)

  5. hehe! I've done those same mistakes. It's cute. :)

  6. I had to turn off my iron once and walk away. I love the birds!

  7. That pillow is so cute! I have days like that too, makes the rest of the days feel so good.


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