Peeps time!!!

Happy Thursday everyone:)

I've been a sew crazy busy bee these last days!!! But, at least I have something that I can finally share with you:)  I've been working on the Life Quilt .  I decided to make it a little larger than the original pattern.  So this is how it went.... from this.. (it took me a whole day to make the front part!!!)

to this...

and after many many many hours and many problems with tension, and a change of needle, and many bobbin windings later... to this..

Colors will be added when it'll be finished... today it's binding day :(  Uuuggghhh!!!! 

On the other hand, I've also been cutting a lot...!!! this time for my giveaway!!! I'm still considering on what to make.. but one idea is fixed in my head.. and this is what it'll contain... I went downtown yesterday morning to pick up a few things... and I couldn't resist those cotton laces...too cute:) Right??

I know you'll be probably be curious about the colors... but you have to be patient.... 

I'm off to my binding.. 

Hope you're having a great day so far:)


  1. Very nicely done, Eleni! Your quilting looks great!


  2. It is wonderful!!! And I'm right there with ya on the "ugh" binding part :) hehe


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