My Saturday in photos

Happy Saturday everyone:)

Can you believe it??? Well today is officially the first Saturday of my summer vacation!!! yeah!!! couldn't be more happier:) Although, a thought did pass through my head around noon today, that Saturday is almost over, and that I'm working on Monday!!! But then I realized!!! Not going to happen:) It's been a long time, since I did a photo post... I just wanted to share with you my sew relaxed day!!!

It has been so hot today!!!! almost 98 F today!!I even got a tan!! woo hoo!! Just take a look at that bright sunshine!! 

I asked Mr. H. this morning, if he would be kind to take me to IKEA for some fabric eye-balling !!! He replied yes, with no further whining!! I thought for a moment I might be living in the twilight zone!!! At least I didn't torture him so much. We just spent an hour and a half in the store.  That might be a wold record on time spent on IKEA. Right??

I got some fabrics, couldn't help myself!!
This one is for my cousin's quilt for the backing. Isn't it soooo cute?? after I paid for it, I realized it's TOO heavy cotton!!! Would you use it on a quilt?? Did I make another huge mistake?? 

After IKEA, some grocery shopping, a coffee outside, we came home and what else would I do rather than...

My pillow is almost done!! The two back halves are already cut, and ready to be sewn!!! Tomorrow I promise there will be photos of it all finished:)

I leave you (have to get back to it!!) with a photo of poor Dido!!! He's exhausted from all this heat!! He is walking like two steps, and then falls on the floor!!! He's such a flasher!!! 

Hope you're having a great time whatever you're doing:)

p.s. I want to thank you all for your support and for helping me decide what to do with the front side of my pillow!!! It meant a lot :)


  1. Wait a minute...your IKEA has fabric?! That's not fair!

    I'm a firm believer that you can make a quilt out of just about anything. So if you can work with the heavier fabric, go for it! It is really cute! (Maybe washing it will soften it up?)


  2. Cute fabric. I also splurged a little. I discovered a fabric store that I have not shopped at before. What a wonderful selection. Sorry Hancocks, you have been replaced. :)


  3. I think the fabric will work nicely. maybe use a light batting for the center.

  4. found you on the blog hop for sunday at ftlb. Love your pictures. We will be in Athens Next summer. We are stationed in Germany and Plan to travel as much as we can. Any travel information you want to share would be greatly appreciated =)

  5. Hi, over from the ftlob! That's a lovely fabric! Never a mistake buying a nice fabric, lol! Don't know if I'd use it for a quilt but maybe for a curtain, bag, chair cover, etc.

  6. OUR IKEA DOESN'T HAVE FABRIC. It it did it would be heaven. I like the look of your pillow very much =)

  7. It IS too cute!! I would use it on a quilt, but I would use the thinnest batting to make up for it.
    I've seen people use fleece-like fabrics to back quilts, as well as flannel. I guess you can use anything you want - I'm all about breaking crafting rules!

  8. Visiting from the FTLOB hop! Sounds like a relaxing, and yet quite productive Saturday! Great fabrics!

  9. Use the fabric. it is so cute. i have used home deco weight cottons many times for back. Go for it and don't second guess yourself. it will stand the test of time.


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