WIP & a new shiny Pinterest button:)

Happy Thursday everyone:)

Aren't you excited?? Weekend is almost here!!! It's been a sssooo busy week!!! Time sure did fly away!!! I heard about the weather today, we're expecting some rain AGAIN!!! What is happening this year??? By now, we should have hot weather, with lots of sunshine!!!! 
Anyway, I've almost finished the second photo album sleeve.  I used some sheets that I had bought last year on a flea market.  The only bad thing is that after washing them, the color is not so vibrant and they have these "washing marks" on them!!! I put them in my washing machine instead of just washing them by hand!!! How silly am I!!!
Anyway, I did quilt the flap by outlining the flowers with white thread. It looks so cute!!! You were so right Beth:) Thanks for the tip!!! 

Here it is the flap and front side all ready to be sewn together!!!
And here is a shot of the outlined flap.  Isn't it cute?? Ohhh those marks!!!! uugggh!!! I'm so mad of myself for this huge mistake!!!!

And here it is all finished and pressed!! {front side and back side}. Just have to add a button for closure and it's done:) Like it???

Anyway, I just found out today that Pinterest has now buttons to add to your blog/site:) Do you guys use Pinterest?? Isn't it obsessively addictive?? If someone would like an invitation, please send me an email {t_neni@yahoo.com}, I would be delighted to help out!!!

Have to get ready for work:(

Hope you have a great day!!!


  1. That print is gorgeous!! I don't see any marks :-) Great job!

  2. Oh it's so pretty! I don't see marks either :-)

  3. We went from cold and rainy, to a few nice days, to rainy and windy, and this week it is hot and humid. My hair looks great but I feel like a blob, lol.
    And just so you know--I have no idea what marks you're talking about it so it must be one of those things that only the creator can see (I have lots of those and I point them out, too).

  4. Greetings from Canada!

    Stop by and have lunch with me.
    Ciao Bella!



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