Tuesday things I love

Happy Tuesday everyone :) 
(better late than never:)

Hope that you're having a great day so far!! Mine has been veeeeerrrery long!!! My order is not coming along very well (I'm trying to fix that), I had a bad day at work,  up till now:)  where I get to relax and share with you all those lovely things:)

So since I'm searching for fabric for my projects, I stumbled upon this bundle..one word for you.... Japanese!!! You can imagine right??? Here is this sheer beauty:) Megumi Sakakibara Fabric from fabric worm... isn't that the cutest fabrics ever?? I'm not sure that if I had them I would cut them up after all:) ohhhh mmmyyy precious !!!!!


And speaking of Japanese, what about this craft book!!! One Week Patchwork Projects Japanese craft book from ThisandThatfromJapan. Just take a look at some of the projects in the book!!!

Have you ever had a Japanese sewing book? Is it easy to understand and follow?? even if you don't know one single word except for arigato (which I believe it means thank you)!!

And speaking of patchwork, how lovely is this vintage inspired patchwork foot stool from ljindustries!!! I know you'll probably think what is she talking about foot stools?? but I couldn't help myself:) I enjoy seeing things that I love, on things that I wouldn't even imagine!!!

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And speaking of vintage inspiration, isn't this Renewed Memories Vintage Lace Necklace from thatoldbluehouse2 just darling cute??? So simple and elegant at the same time. Such a creative idea!!! Although I've never been a huge fan of lace, this here, I find it simply wonderful. 


Well, it's getting late, and I could continue posting!!! But I have an early start tomorrow.. have to get some beauty (hehehehe) sleep:)


  1. I love the Japanese inspired stuff. When I try my hand at it I don't always get the desired result, though.
    Some people seem to like Japanese sewing books because even though they can't read them, the diagrams are so exquisitely done that they follow the pictures and have no issues. I haven't ever used so I can't comment on my own personal experience though :)

  2. there are some really cute things and I love that fabric but my fave is the airmail pillow! Oh my gosh how cute!!! I still penpal so that is awesome to me!

  3. I had seen that fabric! I want it too!! Hope you're enjoying your beauty sleep


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