Tea time pillow has the blues!!!

Well hello there!! Happy Friday everyone:) 

This week has been so slowwwww... to tell you the truth, I couldn't wait for it to end.!! And finally weekend is here:) Tomorrow, is my name day anniversary, and I'm planning to be spending the whole day with my mother at her house in the "country".  I hear that it's gonna be really warm.  Maybe I'll even take with me my bathing suite for my first swim.... we'll see.  I'm thinking of all those poor people, seeing me in my swim wear:) hehehehe!!! Can I lose 10Kgs by tomorrow??? please!!!

Anyway, I'll also happily give her the present for her friend! I finally finished it an hour ago... I know I know, I'm a last minute type.  It turned out so cute!!! Really, I think you'll love it!!! Now looking at it all finished, with it's super pillow form, the appliqued pieces are great!! Not small at all!! And I think that you'll love the lace in the bottom. Let me show you what I mean:)

I decided to make the two halves in the back using the same fabric as the tablecloth in the front... It's so Victorian style like Fish Chris (Mr. H's sister) was telling me yesterday over the phone. And the buttons for the back I found them on the street (hehehehe) and maybe in the photos look more blueish but they match perfectly!!! I say beginner's luck:)

Anyway, what are you planning for this weekend? Tell me all about it!! Whatever you do I want you to know.....

art print
Have a wonderful weekend:)


  1. This week has been sloooooow for me too. I think because it's been cloudy and rainy. The pillow turned out adorable!! My sister asked if I was getting a new bathing suit for the shore. I told her I was going to wear soft shorts and tank tops. She says "Whyyyyyyy?" I told her it would be very rude of me to wear a bathing suit around people who are not blind, lol (I'm having no luck with losing weight :)

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  3. Geesh! Your pillow is so adorable! I am loving the blue! Oh i am envious of your day with your mom i would love a little time out. My house is a raging disaster so i have to take some time and clean, clean, clean. UGGGG!!!! Have fun with your mom!

  4. Such a pretty cushion (pillow), I'm sure she will love it.

  5. I think you did a beautiful job making this project. It is super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  6. adorable! and I so wish I could sew! Cute little print too :):) Hope you enjoy the water :) coming over from the Yesterday on Tuesday linky party!

  7. Thank you so much for linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday}, Eleni!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow!

  8. Your pillow is adorable! Thanks for linking up at memakingdo!

  9. I really love your pillows! lovely! thanks for linking up1 have anice weekend!


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