Happy Week:) + Sewing plans

Good Day everyone :)
How was your weekend?? I had the best time with my mother, at her house!!! I enjoyed every last minute of our time together.  We spent the whole Saturday afternoon, browsing and googling all the different blocks I' ll learn to make in the quilt along I decided to participate. She was amazed, and she was all ooohhh and ahhhh and finally said to me "Eleni, you have to translate the tutorials for me", that particular phrase was all I needed. My mom which was the MOST creative person I knew,for the past 5-6 years was not in the mood for anything creative. So, her saying, she liked something sooo much so she can make it, just made me squeak with joy and excitement !!! 

Anyway, today starts a new 8 hour shift for me at work.. I'm so happy for this but at the same time, I feel a little bit of stressed on how will I manage to get everything done. The new shift is 10:00-18:00, fact which means that I'll be leaving house around 9:00 and I'll come home around 19:00, fact which also means that I'll be out of the house for the whole day. Oohhh I'm feeling a little panic attack coming over!! I mean, how will I get everything done, cleaning, cooking, sewing!! I just have to make a very good weekly schedule to manage, don't you think?? { I can almost hear my mother's voice in my ears telling me, If you don't schedule and have a program in your life, you won't get anything done}.

Sewing plans for this week, are:
1. A purple shade tea time pillow for a friend at work.  And now I have the best fabric line to make it for her:) 
2. Three fabric sleeves for treasured photo albums for my cousin.
3. Two or three sets of baby gear for a friend who is due next month.

It's gonna be a sew busy week again :) I'm so excited!!!

Have a great week:)


  1. I do find that work is extremely inconvenient when it comes to my sewing time.
    I didn't even want to look at the quilt blocks coming up because if they looked too difficult I'd talk myself out of playing along. I'm going to just take them as they come. And since I'll never be able to decide on fabrics, I'm going to follow ther rainbow :)


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