Work in progress!!!

Hey everyone:)
How was your Thursday till now??? 
This morning we had a lot of contests going on in our home..  I know you're thinking what is she talking about??? I'll explain everything, don't worry!!! You will see for yourselves... grab your coffee... this might be a little bit long, bare with me pleaseeeeeee!!!  !!

So, I've started working today on the sprocket pillow from Cluck Cluck Sew. The tutorial (which you can find here) is awesome by the way, very easy to follow (me very happy!!!)

First contest was, 14'' or 16'' pillow... And the winner was... 

After that, I had to decide on the fabric!!! Major contest there!!! The contestants were 13 .... but only 12 would make it!!

After cutting, I had to decide on how to arrange the pieces... I have tried at least 10 different versions.. but I'll try to keep this as short as possible... 
so version 1 was..

and version 2 was... (see the difference??)

and since I could not decide on how to arrange them... I asked Mr. H. for his opinion!!

Mr. H.'s version was.... THE WINNER... and you can see on the left bottom corner the eliminated contestant.. poor thing... what will it do now all alone... maybe join in another pillow???? mmmmm tempting...ooohh we'll see!

After all those contests, the Road to the Finals was easy (sort of speech)!! I sew the pieces in pairs and after that in halves,
the two halves together ...
and finally after four hours (hehehe I'm a really really slow sewer) the front side of the pillow was looking at me!!! We were both so happy to be joined together... now we could make it to the finals!!!

I'm really happy that I finally made it... I was so intimidated by this pillow!!! Although, the centre is not so perfectly see!! But it will be covered by the button!!! Thank God:)

Now, I have to cut the long side stripe and the back... so stay tuned for the finals!!!

Tell me what you think!! I'd love to know, do you like it so far?? I'm in love, I'm thinking of taking it to bed with me... if I see Dido near it sniffing it... I will KILL him... my precious precious front cover...

Thank you ladies for baring with me on this long long long post... I just wanted for you to see it, like you were here having a coffee with me at home <3:)



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