Work in progress part 2

Good Morning :) 

Today is such a lovely day:) So sunny and warmer!!!

I have made some progress last night with the pillow. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to give it a go...  I know I know, when my mind gets stuck on something... there's nothing I can do to stop it...(hehehehe)

Would you like to take a small glimpse of how it's turning out??

I still got a lot of stuffing to do!!! Hopefully today I will have it ready to set on my colorful (hehehehe) couch.

So, after all, making this pillow was not so difficult. The trickiest part is to connect the stripe to the round front and back... This was a little stressful... but I managed:)

Well, have to get ready for work!!

Hope you have a great Friday :)



  1. Lovely Blog..Officially following you from hop. Hope you can stop by sometime.. I'm Marilyn from *Happy friday!!*

  2. Very nice :)
    I need to get going on my other projects so I can make one of these--what a great project for scraps!!!

  3. The fabric you chose is so colorful and vibrant! I wish I had some semblance of crafting abilities haha

    AnnaBean is a new follower from the You Like Me Friday Blog Hop. I'd love if you could follow back as well!

  4. Those fabric choices are brilliant - so bright and cheery!

  5. That looks great!
    Love the colours!

  6. I LOVE this! I think I need to make one too! :D


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