Tuesday: things I love

I know that I should have been thinking of spring coming, and bright colors, but it's too cold outside today, and it's snowing !!! So I'm thinking cold, and snowy lands, and winter birds. Sorry for that, but I'm in the mood what can I say.

Anyway, here are a few inspiring things I found reflecting my mood.
Sweet Little Bird photo via NatureMandalas

A lovely pincushion photo via Hitree
A beautiful Art Print (photo via Pipodoll

Wintery necklace (photo via FlightOfancy

Now tell me the truth aren't they all adorable?? I am so happy when I see that there are so many inspired people out there. 

I wish that tomorrow all will be covered by snow. I cross my fingers!!



  1. Oh my goodness that little pincushion is so cute! It snowed like 8 inches here last night so I hope you get plenty of it too!

  2. Ah lovely soft, white, fluffy snow! Hope you woke up to a blanket of it!

    I found you through Wandering Wednesday blog hop, and am now following your lovely blog!

    Hope you'll stop by mine sometime too!
    Have a great week!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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