Spring Spring Spring

Well it has been a wonderful weekend.  It's been really warmer for the past two days, and we all have the feeling that Spring is here. Can't wait...

Yesterday I've been all day downtown to buy supplies for my cousin's pillow cushions. And here is what I bought. 

Aren't these ribbons the cutest or what?? 

After my shopping therapy, we hang out at the coolest cafe downtown, Bartesera which serves the best Capuccino Freddo ever!!! It was really great, next time I'll take some photos just so you can see for yourself how awesome this place is. 

I forgot to mention, that I've bought also the ribbon to bind my quilt. So today all morning I've been watching videos-tips on how to bind it. And then I spoke with my mother who made me realize that I didn't purchase enough ribbon for my binding. That was it!!! I thought to myself that I must be really stupid, what can I say!!! Now I have to go tomorrow morning, to purchase some more, so I can finish it sometime this year!!!

Just to make me feel better, Hercules asked me if I'd like to go for a walk, after all the weather was gorgeous. So we went to Thissio  for a walk, along with thousands more that had the exact idea like we did. It was hectic!! but nice!!

We also discovered this on a wall!!! It's official owls are everywhere!!!!

Anyway, it's been a very great weekend... sadly almost over.. can't wait to start on my easter projects...

Happy week everyone.



  1. Lovely owls :-)
    Nevermind the setbacks you'll get it done, and then one of your first easter projects should be making me an easter candle for my godson...right? ;-)

  2. It looks lovely there! Your quilt is amazing you a very talented!


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