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Happy Monday everyone!!

This has been a not so creative weekend.  I took a little bit of of sewing and focused on movies (slacker side of me) and cooking. We went to see our new born niece Love which is adorable, cute, lovely by the way and her mother loved the foxy gal bib I made :-)

Today is a national holiday (no work yeaahhh) in Greece, it is called Kathari Deftera (clean Monday), and actually this is the first day of a 40-day fasting till Easter. So this day is dedicated to no-meat food. I'm waiting for my bf to come and start the "feast". 

Just to give you a little update on my weekly challenge (the circle quilt), I have managed to sew all raws, so now I have to quilt the three layers. Since I don't have quilting pins, my mother advised me to sew a very long run-stitch just to keep the three layers together around every block.   I know that I'm so behind with my project, I'm slacking what can I say. Hopefully this week will be finished. I will post some photos later just to give you a clue on how the front side looks.

Thank you all for your lovely comments!!!



  1. Hi Eleni. You have a really great blog. I can't believe you are so new at it. I read all the way back to the beginning and you offer a lot of interesting subjects. Some great tutorials that I will be going back to. You have great style, and I enoyed seeing what is available in your country. It is good to see creativity and sewing is universal. I will be coming back to visit often.


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