Excited and anticipating!!!!

Good day  :-) 
A happy face even though it's raining outside and the sky seems to be falling on our heads (remember Asterix??hehehe), where is Spring after all??? 
Anyway, do you remember the other day, where I told you that I would share details on why I'm so excited? Well, there's a small story behind that. I've been meaning to buy a new sewing machine since before last Christmas. By the way, let me show you my mother's antique sewing machine who has been kind enough to give it to me in order to learn to sew. The machine was bought as a used one around 1960-1965, when my mother was 14 years old or so. 

Isn't she a beauty or what?? 

To continue my story, I've been searching to buy a new sewing machine since Christmas.  The problem is that in Greece there are limited brands available and not so many shops where you can actually see the machine you'll be buying after all.  I was constantly browsing through sites to see which was more suitable as well as affordable for me.  And I found her, and this last Tuesday, my father and I went to a Brother agent, and we placed our order for the Innovis 30 model, and hopefully till next Tuesday the machine will be in my hands !!!!!!!!!! hooorraaayyy

Ohhh I can't wait... I will sew the entire house heheheehhe ...

Since Tuesday I can't even work properly, my mind is constantly on the machine and what I'll be able to do with her. Is there something wrong with me? Do you ever get so obsessed with something??

Ohhh I'm rambling once again!!! 

Have a nice rest of a day :-)



  1. "Do you ever get so obsessed with something?" Well I DO too... after 15 years I started piano lessons and I even think of music notes in my sleep :)

  2. :-D
    Good for you! Finally!
    Fish Chris

  3. I am so excited and jealous you are getting a new machine! I bought a ridiculous one in november I think it was for like 12 year olds to learn to sew but I am learning alot so maybe I can get a new fantastic one like the one you have ordered! By the way your old machine looks like art! I adore it!!!!

  4. Your absolutely right about our old machine.... it is art!!! and you know Amy, when I put oil in it, while sewing it' so quite.. they don't produce machines like that anymore, I'm completely aware of that!! But I was dying to get a new one, and my mother wanted her own back!!
    I hope that soon you'll get one too.. you know in the US prices are very much lower on sewing machines than in Europe...I think that you could find a model that would be affordable and very effective...

  5. Oh how very exciting... a new machine! I have my grandmothers old singer exactly like your mothers, just beautiful. And I see your pincushion too cute :)


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