Beeee Happy!!

Well I've finished my zippy pouch but is far far far away from perfect.  I found it very difficult to follow the instructions of the tutorial, I sew and ripped the seams of the zipper at least 10 times. I don't know what is wrong with me... maybe I didn't pay enough attention, maybe the fact that English isn't my native language and I didn't understand the instructions. I don't know... It took me 5-6 hours to finish it.  For the inside I used very light weight jeans elastic fabric, which was really difficult to work with. uugghh!!! Now if you ask me to do it all over again, I will still have to read the instructions and watch video seriously what is wrong with me!!! 

Well, I must think positive!!! So I give you my zippy pouch, bbbeee haaappyyy everyone!!! Like?like?like?   

Can anyone tell me what did I do wrong, and the zipper stands like that? I still don't get it!!

I would love if you could share, zipper sewing tutorials that you've found interesting.

Happy Sunday <3



  1. I think it turned out great. Can't help with the zipper thing, I am a new sewer.

  2. This is just a guess since I am no zipper expert, but I think that's why most zipper pouches call for interfacing. The fabric isn't stiff enough by itself to keep the zipper bent. Your zipper is still trying to lay flat. The interfacing stiffens the fabric and adds structure to the pouch so the zipper can't bend it.

  3. I always have to read a tutorial before I put in a zipper. Two things that may help you. The first is to sew closer to the zipper. The second is to top stitch over the zipper after you put it in.

    I actually just posted a zippered pouch tutorial this week. Not sure if it would help but here it is.


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