Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend fun!!

Hello my lovely blog friends!!!

What have you been doing this weekend?? Did you have fun? What have you been doing? For me, it's been one great weekend.. and I'm so sad that it's officially over :(  It had everything!!! beach time.... and great food...and true blood time {I don't know about you, but I'm so obsessed with this tv serie}, aaand some sewing {woot!!woot!!!what a way to end a great weekend}.

Yesterday early in the morning we headed to our -lately discovered but amazing- beach!!! We arrived too early.. there was almost nobody yet there... The water was just amazing!!! 

 Mr. H. found this shell, that was covered with some orange thing!! I had no idea what that was, but I had to take a picture of it, and then return it again to the sea... Do you have any idea, what that might be??

And of course, they had to take a photo of me with all my gear...hehehe... I was just asking Mr. H. to come and take from me those two sea urchin shells I had just found... he said I looked like a contemporary mermaid...heheheeh... silly me!!!! 

That was yesterday, today after doing some house cleaning, I thought I should catch up with the Skill Builder QAL, that I'm now sooooo behind!! Leila, has already posted about block 6, and all I had done was block 1. I had no intention of being left so behind... but life got in the way... and you know what happens then!!! Anyway, after three or four hours of cutting and sewing, I managed to complete two more blocks!!! Well, it's definitely gonna be one big SCRAPPY quilt!!! I don't have one singe complete fabric line, so I have to combine colors and prints according to my bedroom's shades, which are lilac and dark purple!!! 

So, this is my 9 patch, which is the second block of the QAL. 

And this is block number 3, my Charm Dush!!

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, although there are many visible mistakes!!! Here are my three blocks till now... didn't I tell you it's gonna be too scrappy?? I hope that it look somehow great when all blocks are finished...

Well, if my back didn't hurt I'd still be sewing now!!! But tomorrow it's Monday, and I have an early start!!! I'm wishing all of you a happy week!!!

p.s. Don't forget about the 30 days photo challenge!!! It starts tomorrow!!! :) 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something new... 30 days photo challenge-{August}!!!

Happy Thursday my lovely blog friends:)
I was browsing my google reader today, when I saw a post from lovely Anzouya, about a 30 days photo challenge!! Have your ever tried this before? I know I haven't, and I would so want to participate... Although, I'm not good at taking pictures, and certainly don't look great in front of the camera... I've decided, I'm gonna give it a try!!! 

What do you guys think, will you participate too? I think it's such a great way to document your everyday life!!! Just head over at oh so lovely, for further details!!!

Can't wait for August to start:)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something blue... to remember!!!

Good day my lovely blog friends :)

These days a close family of ours is visiting (after many years) Greece.  I'm so excited cause today I get to see them :)!!! Yesterday afternoon, while talking on the phone with them... it suddenly hit me!! I haven't had any gift for them to bring back to their country.... and that is something unacceptable !!! I was thinking that they'll probably be buying some souvenirs... but I wanted to take with them... the most memorable thing of Greece.... and that's (at least for me) the color blue.... 

I asked them if they'd have enough space in their luggage for a small pillow and the reply was YES!!! You can imagine my feelings right? Too excited!!! In an instant I was off to my sewing room, searching in my fabric stash for shades and prints of blue, denim for the back..... after three hours of cutting, fusing, and sewing, it was done!! The perfect pillow to remind them of their best vacation in Greece!!! Something blue....

So sorry once again for the crappy pictures... but they were taken too late!!!!

I sure hope that they'll love it:)  I can't wait to see their face expression when they see this cutie... 

Well I have to get ready for work :) I'm wishing you all a great day!!!!

Fresh Poppy Design

Monday, July 25, 2011

A happy place..

How was your weekend?? Did you have a good time?? Mine and Mr. H's was all about cleaning and redecorating my little happy corner... yesss... I finally did it!! And I think it looks just awesome!!! He agreed to take me to IKEA to pick up a few frames for some illustration I've downloaded from feed your soul. I don't remember if I've already mentioned this site before!! It's all about free downloadable illustration.  I'm sure you'll find amazing art to print:)
Anyway, a long time ago Mr. H. had found somewhere on the street two boxes.  One included a vintage blue Silverette II typewriter and the other one included a vintage instant movie projector a TECHNICOLOR 250, which after some search I found out that it's dated around 60's-70's.  All this time, both boxes were sitting in our store room... but now they've finally found there place in our home :)

So, this is my happy corner... (of course after my other happy place which is the sewing room!!!)

My favorites <3 vintage collectibles+illustration art

I just love it:) Whenever I take a look at this corner I get a smile from ear to ear!! What do you think?? 

On another note I've discovered a whole new world this weekend!! Digital scrapbooking !!! I know!! I know!!! it sounds crazy!! but it's a whole new world for me!!! I'm itching for a new look for my blog for a long time now!!! I have a thing with changes!! I think my little blog has stayed the same for a quite some time now!! I've given it a try with something simple... like a new blog button!! This was my first attempt... doesn't it look pretty?? I'll soon be making some new buttons if you're interested in a button swap ;)

Last but not least, Sewing plans for this week !!! Yayeeee!!!!!:)

- Two dresden plate (pillows this time) my mother asked me for someone special !!!
- Some new coasters...and I've found the perfect tutorial for them:) 
- And of course I have to catch up with the QAL I've joined!! I hate the fact that I'm so behind!!! 

Last but not least I'll be needing your help on deciding on a quilt for us!! Yes!! You heard right, I've decided on making a quilt for our bed... luckily it's not a king size..pheewww... I'll be posting all about it on tomorrow's Tuesday things I love!!  

My favorite closing line "It's going to be a sew busy week" :) Music to my ears....

Have to get ready for work, I'm wishing all of you A happy Monday !!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday things I love

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

Hope you had a great weekend, as I did.  Well, we had such a great time, my cousin's wedding was just amazing:) She had prepared a lot of the decorations herself (and I'm such a fool not to take pictures of the table decor)... Although the original plan was to go to the wedding (which took place 250 Klm from our city, Athens) and return the same day... we were so tired after the small feast they had prepared for us, that we couldn't resist not staying in a lovely hotel near the beach and the church, were the ceremony took place.  

The view from our room
I can only tell you one thing... we were in the water till almost 10 o' clock in the night..  It was just lovely and brought back so many memories... summer parties on the the young and the restless....hehehehehe!! 

sunrise at Achaia

Anyway, on Sunday early in the morning we began our trip back to the city.  Our trip was so tiring and hot... when we arrived, all I wanted to do was, stick my head into the freezer... I was unable of even thinking of next day going to work  so depressed by this thought!!! 

Anyway, although I'm not feeling sew creative these days... maybe it's the job thing, maybe the fact that vacations are over... I don't know why, I'm still thinking of making changes in our home.  Well, the dining room is almost done.. and I've been thinking of adding a small but cute detail ... a table runner... I always loved them... why not try one for our home for a change?? It seems to me that I'm not making cute things for our house.. but I'll soon change that... I just have to overcome this bad mood!!! 

Would you like some inspiration?? 

How about this doily table runner... now tell me... am I having an obsession with doilies??? 

is maybe this the next step?? 

cause if that's the case, I'm seriously turning into my MOM!!! Isn't this piece just gorgeous?? Can you even imagine, how many hours and days did this piece needed to finish??? 

But I'm more of this type myself, something like this maybe??


or these cute leaves.... so lovely!!!


or this one.. love those bright colors...


and definitely this one... maybe with not so heavy batting...though!!!

I'm honestly feeling a little better, just by posting about all these lovely handmade things!! Maybe I'll even go to my fabric stash to check on colors and prints... but before that I can't wait to eat what Mr. H. has prepared for me... Fried Zucchinis with yoghurt and cucumbers.... mmmm... yummy!!!

I'm wishing everyone a great day:)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Home is where the heart is....

Hello my lovely blog friends :)

Hope you're having a great Friday so far.  

Well, tomorrow is the big DAY for my cousin.  It's her wedding day!!! I'm so excited for her!!  I just finished her second present!! I thought that a pillow for her couch would be so appropriate along with the Life quilt for her unborn baby boy.  Don't you think? 

My cousin, had decided a couple of years ago to leave the big city, and live in a smaller one, which is around 200 Klm from Athens.   This decision of her, was the inspiration for the cute little pillow I've made for her couch.  Also, I was inspired by this gorgeous illustration I had posted about a long time ago, and of course by the designs of my favorite artist Kajsa Wikman. Can't you tell?? !!! I think it turned out really nice!!! 

Home is where the heart is...

I'm really sorry for the bad quality pictures, but I've finished it too late, and all the nice light had gone!!! And tomorrow we will be leaving very early... so I won't have the time to take decent pictures!! And I was so excited and wanted to share it with you lovelies. :) What do you think? Won't she love it??

Also, my week's project the re-organizing thing got a little postponed due to shopping shoes for the wedding {it was the first sales day today, and I seized the day!!!!hehehehe} and making this little cutie.  But the sewing room is almost done.. It need some final touches, but I can now share some pics with you.  Everything is still in it's place, although I was in there for hours, cutting and fusing and sewing!!! This is the top secret!! To put everything back in to place, after you've finished with your project!! Right? But don't you get bored to do that? I just want to take pictures of it and admire it after finishing it, not put everything in it's place.... 

So here's one corner of the sewing room...

I've tried to reorganize my fabric stash by major color shades!! And you were so right!!! I did realize that my stash is not so tiny as I thought.... Now the dining room is still unpresentable but I have high hopes of finishing it next week { when I'll get back to work :-( }.

Anyway, I have to prep myself for tomorrow, which means maybe put on a facial mask, or even polish my toes... so we'll talk again:)

I'm wishing you all a lovely weekend, and hope that it won't be so hot like here!!! uugghhh!!! I might be wearing my swimming suite under my dress tomorrow... hehehehe:)

W..... is for Winner-s

I woke up today with an Abba tune playing in my head.... the winner takes it all....and so on... cause it's time to announce the three winners!!! Aren't you excited? I could scream, I'm sew happy and anxious, I can't even type right while I'm writing this post.  

Someone please stop me... too much blah blah blah again... Here we go!!! 

Winner of the pink-bias tape Head Scarf isssss.......
Drumsssss pleasssseee!!!!

And that would be..... Lesley :)

Lesley said...

I like SewHappiness on facebook!

And that would be.......... Skooks Playground:)
Skooks said...

Wow, Eleni! How cute!! Count me in for sure.

I like SewHappiness on Facebook!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Silence is gold....

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

They do say that silence is gold right?? Well, that silence has helped me with my week's major project which is to reorganize two rooms of our home. The whole house still looks like a bomb has exploded, but the two rooms slightly look they way they should be... I'd love to share with you pics of the progress..but I'm too embarrassed... Sooorrryyyyy!!! 

I haven't had the time to check my blogroll and comment, I'm so sorry for this... but I do promise when it's all done... I'll be back!!! 

The only thing that is on my mind these days involves diy decorations and inspiring sewing spaces ... and as I was searching the net I came upon this!!! :)  I so want to share it with you!! It's such a brilliant idea!!! I have to go to a thrift store ASAP!!! Take a look at this doily lace lamp... isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen??? 


On another note, I haven't had the time to even touch my sewing machine!! {only to move it from one room to another :D )The only thing I managed to make was a fabric basket on Sunday night... but there is no empty space in the house to take a decent picture... heheheeh { that's a hysterical laugh.... cause I didn't think this project would be so stressful after all }. 

Speaking of sewing, I've also came upon this... and wanted to share it with you!! 101 Sewing tutorials  for Summer!!! 


I'm in love with this list!!! It has so many projects for home decor and SUMMER DRESSES.  I've never tried to sew anything for me, too intimidated by the whole idea!! What about you have you ever tried to sew a garment??  

I'd love to stay and share with you my bookmarks, but, I'd better get going!! There's still so much to do!!! 

I'm wishing all of you a great day!!!

P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway!! It's ending tomorrow!!!! 
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